July 27, 2017

SciFi Texture MINIPACK – Special Offer

The new release is finally here. If you tried out SciFi Texture MINIPACK FREE Sample, released 10 days ago, you know that this SciFi Texture MINIPACK was worth the wait.
To award your loyalty and patience, this release comes with a special offer.

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About SciFi Texture MINIPACK

This pack contains 6 substance textures and 5 associated modular 3d models, as well as SciFi corridor scene that can be seen in the showcase video and renderings. All textures are randomizable, seamless, 4k* and have numerous controls such as paint peeling, rust, scratches, paint/metal/rust color, roughness etc. Suitable for PBR and classic workflow, also has V-ray supported outputs.

Panel models are given in FBX and OBJ formats, with set up UVs.
Included with 5 textures is additional plain substance material peeling paint metal, that can be used to keep the scene uniform with additional different models.

Output channels:

– Diffuse
– Base Color
– Ambient Occlusion
– Glossiness
– Roughness
– Specular
– Metallic
– Normal
– Height
– Opacity
– Vray IOR
– Vray Reflection

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*Max resolution depends upon cooking size limit and your hardware capabilities, it can be set up to 32k in Substance Player, though it’s set to 4k by default.

July 27, 2017