June 15, 2017

SciFi Texture Minipack – FREE Sample

This is a free sample for upcoming SciFi Texture MINIPACK containing one representative substance texture and an optimized modular 3d model designed to be used in combination with the texture.

Fully procedural customizable substance texture with controls for paint peeling, scratches, paint and metal color, rust, roughness etc. Tested up to 4096x4096px, the size limit is set by your hardware and substance cooker (up to32k).

FBX and OBJ files with the modular object and UV mapping.

Until SciFi Texture MINIPACK is ready, get your FREE sample, try it and let us know what you think of it. Also, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for future updates and new releases.

Minutehour Tips and Tricks:

Textures can be exported from .sbsar file using the FREE substance player available at Substance Player.

You can watch a short video showcasing the full pack in use here or on our YouTube channel.

June 15, 2017