October 3, 2017

Paintify – Image Filter

This is a filter that processes an image to have craquelure similar to “Italian” pattern craquelure, for that distinct renaissance “Louvresque” feel.

You can see it applied at Sketchfab.

Paintify is great for upscaling small sized images intended for 3D environment production, since it adds a bit of depth and detail to the overall processed image as it generates Normal, Height, Roughness, and AO map as well.

Visit Minutehour Store on Gumroad or Cubebrush to get Paintify – Image Filter.

Example images done by Zhillustrator

Example image done by Zhillustrator

To use Paintify – Image Filter you would need Substance Player, freely available at Allegorithmic.

Included in the package is .sbsar used within Substance Player, test image, and a small how-to readme file.

All example images used are artful divinations of Zhillustrator, so if you like those be sure to check his Patreon and Artstation site for more of his fantastic artworks.

Example images done by Zhillustrator

Feel free to use Paintify – Image Filter in your personal and commercial projects, and if you find it useful any donation would be greatly appreciated!

October 3, 2017