June 15, 2017

Machinery Set – Kitbash – Full Pack

This is a set of 43 machinery pieces with high poly models, low poly with UVs and baked normals as well as IMM brush for Zbrush.

Package contains:

– FBX master file with high poly geometry

– FBX master file with low poly geometry with UVs and baked normal maps

– 72 FBX files with high poly models

– 72 FBX files with low poly models with UVs

– IMM brush file with decimated geometry

– Image with list and namings of pieces for convenience.

Feel free to use them in your work, personal or commercial.

See the low poly pack @ Sketchfab,
or see it used here.

If you’re interested in just high poly or low poly set you can get them from my store.

June 15, 2017